Project report

New features and UI update

Last week has been very intense, and I worked on new features and UI improvement.

Here your can see the new sequencer interface. You can adjust notes and their velocity, zoom in/out and I think workflow is very good now.

Miaouzik sequencer

I also worked on a new feature, the keyboard. For drums, pads on the main screen are perfect but as soon as you want to play a melody, a keyboard is a must have.

Miaouzik keyboard

Last but not least, I re-worked the sample editor to add a waveform viewer and improve the interface. Waveform generation is already optimized but on the target hardware (Raspberry PI 3) it take a few undreds miliseconds to display, so I need some more work to render this waveform in background and avoid any micro freeze in the UI.

Miaouzik sample editor

I really love this new UI, playing with Miaouzik feels more natural and smooth like this.