Project report

Miaouzik project started !

It’s been a long time since I started making music with both software (FruityLoops, Ableton live) and hardware (Korg Electribes, MC-303, TB-303, TR-08, …).

I also had basic samplers like Zoom ST-222 or the first Electribe sampler.

I like softwares for their endless possibilities but year after year I got back to machines. Workflow is much more fun (plug and play) and even if there are some limitations, theses limitations can be a boost for your creativity (and i clearly prefer to turn knobs than moving a mouse beause I already to that all day long :p )

The only machines that I never kept are samplers. I’m not really sure why but probably because of their limited memory, difficulty to add samples…

But I need a sampler and here are my specs :

  • Easy workflow
  • Compact
  • Unlimited memory (SD card/ USB key)
  • Easy sample adding or even live sampling
  • Could be great to have a sequencer too
  • Midi control and sync to interface with existing hardware
  • Some embeded effects could be great

After some search I realized that an entry point for a decent sampler would be ~500€ and 1000-1500€ would be a much better budget.

Cheaper models are known for their bugs or their awfull workflow where you need to enter tons of menus to get to a specific param.

Software samplers doesn’t make sense to me as I want to avoid using a computer while playing live. Unless you have a dedicated laptop for music (1000-1500€) there is often problems with your setup because you installed a new software or update that can ruin the audio performance of your computer. Or we can also talk about the poor audio quality of the large majority of laptop where you can hear a buzz as soon as it is plugged to the power supply so you need to add an external soundcard/DAC.

But what if I could get a software sampler on a dedicated cheap hardware like a Raspberry PI ?

It can be powerfull enought for this purpose, it’s cheap, we can add a touchscreen for good user interface and workflow, we can add a DAC for good audio quality, USB midi controller to complete the tactile interface, Midi interface to connect other machines…

Sounds great no ?

After some research, I din’t find some ready to use software that fits my needs so …

I need to create it myself !!! I’m an experienced programmer so I can do it 😀 (I hope so)

I need a name for this project… Hummm, It’s for making music …

I want it to be popular, what is popular on Internet … ? Cats !!!

In French (my native language) a cat says miaou, I can mix this with the goal of the projet Music !

So welcome to the MIAOUZIK project ^^

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